Monday, August 16, 2010

Why does a new mosque take precedence over an already existing church?

Rebuild St. Nicholas First!

Read the story here.

Note: The original image used in this post has been replaced by the two above.


Chris Jones said...

I certainly agree that St Nicholas should be rebuilt but the image you posted is disquieting.

The prominence of the flags at the left of the image makes it clear that the issue is being presented as one of patriotism and political loyalty, rather than of religious freedom and simple fairness. I think that is unfortunate. And why is it that the flag of a foreign country is given prominence equal to the flag of our own country? Is Greek patriotism an issue here?

And finally where, in this collection of images, is the Cross?

John (Ad Orientem) said...

Good points. I took the image from the original source. But I am considering changing it.


Steve Hayes said...

The "Ethical Forum" post that you linked to seems quite disingenuous. It implies that a mosque is to be built on the site of the church, but from information from other sources I don't think that is true.

Steven Hunter said...

Like Chris, I agree entirely that St. Nicholas should be rebuilt and that whatever issues exist between the church and the Port Authority should be resolved immediately. But there is no question of "precedence" here.

St. Nicholas was literally at the WTC site and was brought down when the towers collapsed. The proposed Park51 Islamic center is two blocks away from Ground Zero and is going in where an old Burlington Coat Factory used to be. Its entirely on private property and has nothing to do with the Port Authority or the other obstacles in the way of St. Nicholas.

So, this isn't a matter of one taking precedence over another and certainly not a case of political correctness. Its a matter of First Amendment protections on religious liberty, as well as private property rights.