Monday, August 23, 2010

An update on the Lutheran - Orthodox discussion

...over at Gottesdienst Online. The discussion has gotten fairly deep with lots of comments. Perry Robinson (Acolyte4236) has been responding, at great length, to the various Lutheran reservations. For those interested in a rather serious discussion I would encourage you to follow the link.

Disclaimer: I read all of the comments that were posted as of last night and wound up with glazed eyes and a mild headache. I dabble in theology, but Perry (as Chris Jones noted fairly early in the discussion) is a heavyweight who is way out of my league. Why he is not teaching at St. Vlads or somewhere comparable is beyond me. It does strike me as a waste of talent though.

P.S. Perry's own blog Energetic Processions is linked in the sidebar. It is the most serious Orthodox blog with theology as its focus that I am aware of. Though again, we are not talking Orthodoxy 101.


Matushka Anna said...

The best comment on there was yours. (c;

Dixie said...

I love it when Perry shows up to an "Orthodox are wrong" post on a Lutheran blog--especially one like Gottesdienst. Of course, I can't keep up with it all but I surely appreciate his knowledge and abilities. He get 'em thinkin'.

Acolyte4236 said...

There are lots of reasons I am not teaching at St. Vlad's. I don't have a PhD. I am not an academic theologian by training. They know far more than me in lots of other areas. There are lots of things about the church that I do not know. I found a point that convinced me (Maximus) and am working out from there, playing connect the dots for the last 12 years.

And practically everything I write is already in good books. I am not that smart (really). It is just that people don't read good books or haven't gotten to those ones yet. Very little of what I write is an original contribution by me. Such it has been and such it will always be. I try to keep my mouth shut about things I don't know. And I'm used to arguing with Protestants and Catholics and they aren't used to arguing with Orthodox or that familiar with Orthodox theology. I have a natural advantage, which makes it look easy.

Ed said...

However, he does use a Sith Lord as his screen name's image. That has to count for something. ;-)