Monday, September 27, 2010

Here they go again

I am not sure if it's the lunar cycle or something in the water. But in any event two or three times a year the mainstream media in general and the Catholic press in particular (I think the latter feeds the former) start printing wildly unrealistic reports of pending "reunion" between the Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church. Over the last week or so they have been at it again. I have seen posts all over the web (mostly Catholic blogs) reporting on "breakthroughs" and imminent meetings between the Pope and Patriarch Kyrill or outright restoration of full communion.

Over the years I have learned to ignore these reports, especially when they come from the Catholic media as unreliable, unless backed by credible and named sources from the Orthodox side (which has been rare in the extreme). In any case the latest wave of "imminent reunion" hysteria has been pretty effectively quashed by Met. +Hilarion in this interview posted over at Byzantine Texas.

It's well worth reading.

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