Thursday, September 09, 2010

Serbians in Kosovo may seek Russian citizenship for protection

Via Fr. Milovan:
Leader of a Serbian group in Kosovo has said that Kosovo Serbs will seek Russian citizenship if Serbia agrees to the EU brokered UN Resolution in which it will abdicate its sovereignty over Kosovo.

“If that resolution gets accepted and Serbia’s President Tadic accepts it without the agreement from Russia, we will initiate a drive to have the Russian citizenship granted to Serbs in Kosovo because Russia knows how to shield its citizens no matter where they live,” said Milan Ivanovic, leader of the Serbian National Committee for the Northern Kosovo.
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Visibilium said...

Becoming Russian citizens deprives the nationalists of their fragile leverage. What, Russia is going to prevent Kosovo's independence? Dream on.

The Kosovo issue is about economics, not religion. The false tradition of symfonia is causing Orthodox to suck wind on this and other important issues.