Saturday, November 13, 2010

Episcopal Diocese of Maryland sends gay priest to Anglo-Catholic parish converting to Rome

Last Sunday the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland sent in another priest to celebrate an unscheduled Service of Holy Communion at Calvary Episcopal Church. This decision on the part of the Diocese was made following the parish's overwhelming vote to disassociate with The Episcopal Church and begin the conversion process to Roman Catholicism.

The Rev. Jesse Leon Anthony Parker, rector at St. John's-in-the-Village, celebrated a 9 am Eucharist at Mount Calvary, wedging his service in between Mount Calvary's scheduled 8 am Low Mass and 10 am Solemn High Mass. Only a handful of loyal Episcopalians attended the impromptu service.

Fr. Parker is the only priest at St. John's which is about two and a half miles away. He has been rector at that parish since 1991.

Mount Calvary's rector, the Rev. Jason Catania said that it was "no surprise" that Fr. Parker showed up. The Diocese of Maryland communicated its intension to Fr. Catania beforehand. The visiting Episcopal priest is an openly homosexual relationship.

Although Fr. Parker started his service late, which caused it to run overtime, Fr. Cantania said there were "no incidents and everyone was polite." However, the Mount Calvary rector is speaking with the Diocese of Maryland to insure that there is not another unscheduled Service of Holy Communion celebrated at his altar.

The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland officially refused to comment about the incident.
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That's what I've always liked about the Episcopalians. They are so classy.


Matthew the Curmudgeon said...

This is old news, read about it on Monday somewhere.
Yes, TEC Bishops are so in tune with feelings, FEELINGS, Feelingssssssssss................

Anonymous said...

Being 22 years your senior, John, I can remember when Episcopalians were "classy." [smiley] TGF

Igumen Gregory said...

Well at least there were no "incidents." How often have we had similar conflicts within our parishes and have had incidents that brought out several communities' police departments in order to restore civility. A bit of class can certainly be of no harm to the Faith.

The Archer of the Forest said...

Well, I'm an Episcopal priest, and this borders on being a case of a violation of Episcopal Canon law. The Rector has final say in everything in the parish having to do with liturgy, and he would have been in his rights to tell this guy to take a hike. If it had been my parish, I would have. Why he allowed it is a mystery to me.

Conchúr said...


The rector is hoping to take the building with the parish across the Tiber. I reckon that's why he didn't kick up a fuss.

The Archer of the Forest said...

Possibly, but unless he's been deposed or has officially renounced his orders in the Episcopal church, he would still be in his rights to refuse to let this guy celebrate at the Altar. But, on the other hand, maybe he was the one being mature and if so, good for him.

The young fogey said...

I have no problem with the Episcopalians governing themselves (if they want to teach gay is OK, fine; just don't try to hijack the law to force it on us) and defending their property. That said, good point: if Fr Catania's resignation wasn't effective immediately, why other than spite would they break their own rule and send Fr Parker? But... I have to admire their honesty. You sign onto their church, that's what you have to believe (gay, gay, gay). Just like Catholics have to believe something else. I imagine the kind of parishioner who chooses Episcopalianism over Catholicism is just fine with Episcopalian teaching on Fr Parker's lifestyle.