Friday, November 12, 2010

ROCOR to receive 10 Western Rite parishes

His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion of New York is in the process of receiving ten new parishes and eighteen new clergy into the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, blessed to belong to the Western Rite.

They have existed for some years under the name of the Holy Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church of America (HOCACA), an independent group yet studying and seeking to live the Orthodox Faith under the headship of Mr Anthony Bondi, who has served as the group's archbishop. He and his assistant bishop will be received, ordained, and elevated to the rank of archimandrite. The ordinations of all of the clergy are hoped to be completed over the next few weeks, by the invocation of the Holy Spirit and at the hands of Metropolitan Hilarion of New York and Bishop Jerome of Manhattan. As is generally the case with these unions, the joy of union is the focus rather than the separation of the past and it seems that, as it right and proper, there will be no pressure for these new clergy and faithful to relinquish their previous understanding of their situation.
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Anonymous said...

I've never understood why ROCOR doesn't get a more sympathetic portrayal in the Orthodox world. I have never been a ROCOR parish member (my family background is Russian, but they were all under the Metropolia), but every time I am in one I see and feel a church that reminds me of churches I have visited all over eastern europe - traditional piety, reverence for monastic life, rich liturgical life with a lot of services, etc. I don't think ROCOR knows how to evangelize in the US context, but that can be figured out over time. I wish more parishes, including in the OCA, would learn from them a bit and I am hopeful the OCA and ROCOR parishes that are close by to each other will become sister parishes.

And this particular item is particularly welcome, since it makes it clear that Western rite parishes have an alternative to Antioch, which is much needed for the time being.

Matthew the Curmudgeon said...

This is interesting but if I understand their website, they are almost exclusively 'house churches'. That fine for small groups but if growth is a part of evangelization then they need a change of focus. There was mention that they were in touch with the Moscow Patriarchate through Blessed Daniel the Martyr which is something I was glad to read. Who knows, maybe the OCA will open up to a Western Rite as well.

Anonymous said...

One thing is certain, we live in interesting times. Not too long ago I don't think that too many people would predict OCA was going to be the most attractive place for American converts nor ROCOR a potential landing pad for Western Rite Orthodox. Nor would I have thought the North American Antiochians would be at the point of complete meltdown.

All is in the hands of God. May he have mercy on us all.

Anonymous said...

Does Metropolitan HILARION, bishop JEROME, or any other bishop of the Synod know of Mr. Bondi's past? Has he been truthful? He seems to have skewed the history in his favour. He was received into the Russian Church outside of Russia once before, after which he married the ex-wife of a priest of the Russian Metropolia (OCA); then "ordained" against the canons which prohibit a priest from marrying a widow or divorsee. He was married to the same woman when he was "consecrated" a bishop. He is no monk how can he be an archimandrite? All can be collaborated by even some of the priest serving in the Russian Orthodox Church.