Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A quick note

There will probably be little or no posting tomorrow as I am finally departing the frozen wasteland that is upstate New York (-5 tonight) for warmer digs in southwest Florida.

On an unrelated note there have been some rather snarky comments posted of late by person(s) who apparently do not share my view on things or are attempting to provoke me and or other commentors. Unfortunately the person or persons in question are posting their comments under cover of anonymity. As I noted in my guidelines for commenting I don't have a problem with divergent opinions provided that they are not over the top. Nor do I prohibit anonymous comments. But as I observed those who decline to sign their name or at least use a pen-name greatly weaken whatever point they are attempting to make. And when the comments are ad hominem or of a rather caustic nature it begs the question... are you contributing to a conversation or just trolling?

Bottom line: Cut it out or post somewhere else.


Anam Cara said...

It should be "attempting to provoke ME" not myself - unless you are doing the provoking.

"Me" is the object of the phrase "attepting to provoke"
"Myself" is a reflexive pronoun directing/reflecting the action back to the subject "person(s)"

Unlike those cowards you wrote about, I am not afraid to tell you who I am - an old (and somewhat obstinate) English teacher who abhors the fact that no one knows how to use pronouns anymore! :)

Sorry, I've just been on overload the last few days listening to commentators use improper pronouns and since they are on TV or radio, I couldn't talk back to them and correct them. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Michael said...

Hi, John;

As for the trolls and spammers I have three suggestions:

1. Place all comments on moderation until this problem is resolved.

2. Trace the IP address of the spammer(s). This is not hard to do. Once you have done that, post your findings prominently on your blog, at some appropriate place.

HINT: If the IP address turns out to be anywhere in Upstate New York, you will know exactly who is responsible, by name. In that case, name names and publicly pillory this creature for shameless, bare-faced hypocrisy and anti-social behavior. Don't pussy-foot around about this.

3. Ban repeat spammers from accessing or posting to your website. Moderate the com-boxes with an iron fist.

We live in revolutionary times. Such times always entice criminals, psychopaths, schizoids and other miscellaneous losers to crawl out of the sewers to claim their place in the sun. Permit none of this on your blog.

Visibilium said...

But as I observed those who decline to sign their name or at least use a pen-name greatly weaken whatever point they are attempting to make.

I've noticed a tendency amongst those who use their ostensibly actual names to engage in ad hominem attacks on others who use ostensibly actual names as well as on anonymous and pseudonymous posters. The ad hominem attacks on pseudonymous and anonymous posters consist in criticizing those folks for not using their real names.

Furthermore, posters who use their actual names are creating a temptation for real-name nitwits to talk about how many ex-wives, abortions, epitemia, transsexual ops, jurisdiction hoppings all of the real-name folks have had. Frankly, I don't hang a shingle out in Orthodox blogdom so someone can condemn me for being refused communion, changing a jurisdiction or having had or abetting umpteen abortions, ex-spouses, obscene phone calls, transsexual ops, or hookups.

All of these distractions from actual issues could be avoided by pseudonymous or anonymous postings. Don't like snarky anonymous posters? Well, at least they're addressing issues, albeit in a drive-by fashion. The cure for snarks? Develop a wit and maybe we can all enjoy some repartee in these stern environs.

I've noticed that the ontogenically tyrannical Moscow Patriarchate makes a point of forbidding clergy to post under assumed names and encouraging others to use real names.

Anonymous said...

"Ontogenically tyrannical"

Very funny and accurate though I think it might be said of many other religious authorities.

If one doesn't want anonymous "snarky" comments, then don't request comments. Perhaps also, don't post articles that beg for snarky comments.

There's no guarantee that someone posting as Joe Sixpack is really Joe Sixpack.

Anonymous said...
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John (Ad Orientem) said...

If one doesn't want anonymous "snarky" comments, then don't request comments.

Comments are welcome provided that they conform to the guidelines I have posted. I have asked nicely. Now I am going to be a bit more blunt. Read the guidelines if you haven't already, and abide by them. Or go somewhere else to vent.

This is not your personal soap box from which you get to insult everyone and post inane and/or offensive comments. This is not a democratic blog. It is an absolute monarchy, and I am the king. There is no freedom of speech here.

If you don't like it, tough rocks.

Perhaps also, don't post articles that beg for snarky comments.

You can dictate what is posted on your blog, not mine. Grow up.

Anam Cara said...

I see you fixed the pronoun problem. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

As I wrote, you can post any article you want but when posting asking for comments, don't be surprised about the results.

How about posting something on the Wisconsin crisis?

Isn't what Walker attempting something rather against "Orthodox" thinking? Or does being "Orthodox" require genuflecting before the powerful as defined by the "free market"?

The Anti-Gnostic said...

I don't mind anony-mice as long as it's apparent they aren't in over their heads.

This one's in over its head. Toss it in the kiddy pool.