Memory Eternal!

Memory Eternal!
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Before Kennedy International Airport there was...

New York's Lower West Side seen in the 1930's (click to enlarge).

Shown starting at the bottom are the liners Hamburg, the Bremen, the Columbus, the De Grasse, the Normandie, the Britannic, the Aquitania, the Conte de Savoia, the Fort Townsend and the Monarch of Bermuda.

I think I will weep the next time I have to get on one of those overcrowded flying aluminum tubes and pay $5 for a can of soda and a small bag of peanuts.  On a side note I am quite certain that Orville and Wilbur were Protestants.  Their approach to travel bears the same attributes as Protestant worship... short and bland, (tending towards ugly).


rabidgandhi said...

I dunno. I'm always more prompted to pray in those aluminium tubes than I am in Protestant churches.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

Ummm yes. Point taken.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

Last flight I took was Atlanta to Cleveland and back on a puddle jumper with the overhead 66" high and packed to the gills. I nearly wept when I boarded as well.

Dana said...

if you have the time or can make the time, the train is great. If you book a sleeper, the food is included, and is actually pretty decent, so the cost comes pretty close to flying + getting meals. We made a cross-country train trip last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. So much better than the hurry-scurry and crowds of airline flight and airports.