Friday, April 29, 2011

Massive crowds gather for Royal Wedding; The Queen grants new titles to William and Catherine

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and a few others.  A nice wedding present.  They are reporting the The Queen plans to cut out of the reception at the palace as soon as she decently can so the younger crowd can "let their hair down."   Hmmm

Party at the palace!

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parepidemos said...

The Queen and her husband left the buffet luncheon just after 4 o'clock; the event itself ended only 30 minutes later.

Apparently, the evening reception (not attended by the Queen) went on until the early hours; I bet that's when the real partying took place. I pray that Catherine and William a long and happy married life.

On a side note, it is clear that Kate has lost a fair bit of weight over the last year. I hope that was due to nerves rather than a desire to please.