Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Israel Demands US Ultimatum To Iran

JERUSALEM — Signaling a deepening dispute with Washington over issuing ultimatums for Iran’s nuclear program, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that those who won’t make such demands on Tehran “don’t have a moral right to place a red light before Israel.”

In a blistering response to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s statement that the United States is “not setting deadlines” for Iran and that negotiations coupled with sanctions are the best approach, Netanyahu said that if no “red line” is established for Iran, it will continue a program that Israel says is intended to build an atomic bomb.
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I sometimes wonder, is Israel an American puppet state? Or is the US an Israeli puppet state?


Ben said...

Sadly, I think the latter is true.

Jason said...

Ever read about a certain instance when Clinton spoke with Netanyahu during his first term? Clinton was not so thrilled about being bossed around. I'd suggest searching for the details on that meeting.

Anonymous said...

The Israeli tail wags the American dog

Eurasleep said...

Israel has long been a narcissistic shadow arm of the US government. It's time Israel started to stand on its own and stop mouthing off at the world, assuming the big bad USA will always have their back.