Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Many Years!

Many years to Archduke Imre of Austria (Imre Emmanuel Erzherzog von Habsburg-Lorraine) and H.I.H. the Archduchess Kathleen (Walker) who were married according to the traditional Roman Rite in Washington DC on Saturday.

Gott erhalte den Kaiser!


Nikolaus said...

Gott erhalte der Kaiser!
Austia Erit In Orbe Ultima!


Eurasleep said...

Great soloist voice and very powerful lyrics full of respect and honor. You don't hear that sort of language much anymore. With the world in the sort of disarray as it is and overwhelming distrust in the increasingly-corrupt "democratic" politicians, coupled with ignorant populaces that keep electing them, I'm shockingly beginning to wonder if a parliamentary democracy with humble monarch is not such a bad idea anymore. I think the Founding Fathers understood that what they were building was an experiment and if it failed, the old parliamentary/monarchist system was the logic point of return.