Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Sad news, retired Episcopal Bishop John-David Schofield has reposed. He was one of the good guys who stood tall, refusing accommodation with the heretics in TEo, and was the first to lead his diocese out. Memory eternal.


Priest David Thatcher said...

Did you know him, John? I actually had a correspondence with him during my journey that led, in time, to Orthodoxy. I was an Episcopalian in crisis, and was looking into coming into his diocese (San Joaquin).

His response to my attractions to Orthodoxy were, well, quite disappointing. But he was a good man trying to lead in an impossible situation. His negative judgment about Orthodox Christianity actually was, strangely enough, a catalyst for me to pursue precisely that.

Memory eternal!

William Tighe said...

I spoke with him 2 or 3 times, years ago, and he has much the same attitude to Catholicism, as to Orthodoxy.

Priest David Thatcher said...

"Dinosaur" was the descriptive word he used in our correspondence, regarding Orthodoxy.

I found such an attitude amazingly imperceptive for someone who had association (tonsured?) with the Byzantine Catholic tradition.

William Tighe said...

Also, he was committed to "ordsining" women to "the diaconate," which is most unfortunate.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

Fr. David
I never met him but most of what I heard about him was positive. I confess to being somewhat surprised at his hostility to Orthodoxy and Catholicism.