Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Update: SSPX offers to celebrate funeral for Nazi war criminal (updated correction)

The latest from the AP is here.

The Diocese of Rome, presumably with the full approval of the Pope, had forbidden any of its priests from offering the Requiem Mass in public for the unrepentant Nazi. See here for the previous posting on the subject.

Update: Multiple sources are reporting that the priest who intended to offer the Requiem Mass is no longer affiliated with the SSPX. The text of the linked story has also changed drastically overnight.


Lawoski said...

Of COURSE they did.

Jason said...

At least there are some to extend mercy in this situation.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

A private funeral and internment is mercy. A public funeral for an unrepentant mass murderer is a scandal.

Jason said...

I thought the original story stated the family requested a private church mass, which was refused with an offer of a private home funeral. I didn't see where they wanted it public, but maybe I missed it.