Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Election Results

First off this was an off off year election. So I don't think anyone can read too much into it. 2014 will be far more important. That said it was not a good night for the Tea Party. In heavily Democratic New Jersey a charismatic center-right Republican won reelection in a landslide. In New York City, also heavily Democratic, a very left leaning Mayor was elected. No surprise there at all. But the margin of victory was breathtaking, even for a solidly blue city. More important races were farther south.

In Virginia's Governor's race the people had a choice between a Democratic sleazeball and a Republican hard right social conservative heavily backed by the Tea Party. It was closer than some had expected, but the citizens of the Old Dominion opted for the sleazeball. They also defeated the Tea Party's Lt Governor candidate who was an ideological wack job. The Attorney General's race is too close to call.

In solidly conservative Alabama, an establishment Republican defeated a Tea Party challenge for the GOP nomination in the First Congressional District in what was perhaps the most closely watched election among Republicans. The Tea Party candidate refused to endorse the winner and hinted he may bolt the party. The district has been safely Republican for a half century and the forthcoming special election is considered a formality.

All in all no big surprises last night. But perhaps a cautionary message to the far right that the country may be souring on the Tea Party's more extreme positions.

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