Saturday, November 02, 2013

New Swedish Archbishop Prefers Allah

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Npinkpanther said...

"During her questioning in Uppsala, the new archbishop also said that the Church of Sweden has more in common with other religions than with other Christian churches, that the Virgin Birth must be understood metaphorically, that hell doesn’t exist and that the Biblical texts should not be taken as truth."

Jay said...

Sad. The Church of Sweden, with its history of maintaining the three-fold office of ministry (including apostolic succession of bishops), and high view of the liturgy and sacraments, would at one time have been the most likely Lutheran church to reconcile with Rome or Orthodoxy. Gustav Aulen and Bishop Bo Giertz were 20th century theological giants of the evangelical catholic tradition.

There are a few holdouts against the onslaught, including the Society of St. Birgitta and the Ostanback Monastery, which I wrote about here:

But, I fear all is for naught.

Rev. Jay Denne, STS