Friday, November 01, 2013

Why I dumped my smartphone for a dumbphone

It all started with the unthinkable. As I walked out of my apartment bathroom with my HTC First in hand, I slipped and dropped it on the tile floor. Glass shattered everywhere. My wife screamed for joy.
Why? Because I no longer had a smartphone to look at. As a geek, my eyeballs would always be stuck to my smartphone if not my laptop. She had long hated that I’d stare at my tiny screen more than her face. I tried to discipline myself to not use the smartphone when spending time with her, but couldn’t resist its chirps and buzzes.

As my smartphone lay shattered on the floor, I knew I didn’t want to get another one and continue ignoring my wife. I decided to buy a dumbphone for the first time in six years, and a 7-inch tablet for data purposes.

My social life and marriage have improved. I no longer stare at my phone during dinner time or bedtime. I converse more when hanging out with my friends. And my wife is a lot happier. (Happy wife, happy life.) Here’s how I made it happen:
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