Thursday, October 08, 2015

SS United States in Imminent Danger of Scrapping

Marilyn Monroe, JFK and the Mona Lisa all enjoyed the luxurious Atlantic crossing provided by the Titanic-sized SS United States.

But the famed liner, which still holds the record for a crossing between the US and Britain by a passenger ship, now faces its final journey - to the scrapyard.

The SS United States Conservancy organisation can no longer afford the $60,000 a month it costs to dock the ship on the Delaware River in Philadelphia, where it rests, empty and rusting.

he group had planned to turn the ship, which is nicknamed the Big U, into a real estate development for New York's waterfront, which was once the ship's home, but no investors have yet come forward.

Unless that changes by the end of this month, the group said, “we will have no choice but to negotiate the sale of the ship to a responsible recycler”.

Susan Gibbs, executive director of SS United States Conservancy, told the New York Times that the decision to seek bids from scrapyards was "excruciating".

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bob said...

Whole lotta "we" and "us" involved in the story and the video! JFK, MM, ML, Clinton all were aboard! Ho, hum. That leaves about 99.99999% of the actual "us" who weren't. The ship will make many useful pop cans and razor blades for the non passengers. There will be no video.