Friday, May 18, 2018

All of Chile's Catholic Bishops Resign (Updated)

All 34 bishops tendered letters of resignation in response to the ongoing sexual abuse scandal. Pope Francis will decide whether or not to accept some, all or none of the resignations.


Update: Wow! According to the AP, this was basically a mass sacking. Pope Francis demanded, and got the resignations after accusing the bishops of collective culpability in the child sex abuse scandals that have roiled the Roman Church in Chile (and elsewhere). Purely on a side note this means the Pope can also appoint anyone he wants as replacements. I don't think it requires much imagination to figure out what ideological bent they are likely to demonstrate.

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Unknown said...

That this happens after the Pope's personal appointment of Bishop Juan Barros whom he defended tooth and nail and now he's going to the other extreme and saying everyone bears responsibility just shows how given to extremes this pope is and why he cannot be considered a good manager or a faithful one for that matter.