Monday, May 07, 2018

Catholic Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Corpus Christi Calls on College of Cardinals to Depose Francis and Elect a New Pope

..."Even though Francis has made heretical statements, he has cleverly also made orthodox statements on the same subject thereby making it virtually impossible to define him as a heretic.  On the other hand, the provisions of the Apostolic Constitution ​UNIVERSI DOMINICI GREGIS (edit: you can read it HERE) promulgated by Saint John Paul II are clear, and Francis and friends have confirmed their violations of those provisions in the conclave of 2013.   Saint John Paul II provided for the penalty of AUTOMATIC EXCOMMUNICATION for any cardinal violating those provisions.  Reasonable people should have no problem agreeing that an excommunicated person cannot be elected pope."

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Ben said...

Whoop di do. . . A 96 year old bishop in Corpus Christi Texas (a nothing town in comparison to Rome) who is not a bishop, along with some bloggers are calling for the pope to be deposed. Never going to happen. . . The only on who will depose this pope is God, when he picks his number.

As an Orthodox Christian, I feel sorry for those Catholics who desire to keep the traditional teachings of their faith. This, unfortunately is one place where the cognitive dissonance of Catholic teachings that came to their pinnacle in Vatican I come to the fore. If you are a traditional Catholic, you are want to criticize your pope, no matter how bad he is. By turning the Church into a monarchy instead of a Pentarchy and then making pronunciations about how a pope CAN'T speak heresy 'ex cathedra', you have to do a lot of mental gymnastics to justify his removal, all of which are very painful and slow to bring to fruit.

That is why I am glad to have arrived in Orthodoxy where we have mechanisms in place to deal with this sort of thing through conciliar action (albeit that too can have its own occasional issues). In the multiplicity of witnesses, and in particular through the teachings of the Holy Fathers and Ecumenical and local Synods the Holy Spirit's will is made apparent.