Sunday, August 12, 2018


Little or no posting until the 23rd.


Deacon Nicholas said...

port left, starboard right

fair winds and following seas

unreconstructed rebel said...

Only if you are facing forward. Every rower knows that the oar in his left had is the starboard one.

Deacon Nicholas said...

True but not very relevant unless you're one of those strange beings who traverse the mighty waters going backwards.

Back before rudders were invented, vessels were steered by a large paddle, or steering board, back aft. Since most folks are right handed, the steering board (or starboard) side was on the right (as you correctly point out, as you face forward). Since you didn't want to break your steering board when you came into port, the other side was the port side.

Two handy mnemonics: port and left both have four letters, and the vessel's running light on the port side is red (think of port wine).

I used to teach cadets at the US Coast Guard Academy (a major rowing powerhouse as well).

unreconstructed rebel said...

Lots & lots of galley slaves would have taken issue with being called a strange being. Not the least of whom was none other than Miguel Cervantes.

Who knew we could have this much fun while John is not minding the store. :)

Deacon Nicholas said...

My apologies. I'm a big fan of Ben Hur, number 41.