Friday, November 08, 2019

Patriarch of Alexandria Commemorates Schismatic Epiphany

I did not see this coming at all.



Abbot Theodore said...

Lord, have mercy!

The Orthodox Tentmaker said...

Now the pertinent question is, what will Antioch do?

These disobedient Patriarchs are making the Anglicans look really good right now.


John (Ad Orientem) said...

Antioch... and Serbia.

Stephen said...

It is becoming clear in both east or west that ecclesiastical administrative models are temporal in nature, subject to the whim of men and the fashion of the day. Thank God the Orthodox have a more decentralized model than the West, but that obviously is not the safeguard it once was, say, in the 1920s.

I submit that our primary allegiance must follow "lex orandi, lex credendi", and if this is to have any teeth, it means that we owe primary allegiance and obedience to that which is publicly prayed on a regular basis. It is within the inner,liturgical life of the Church that the deposit of faith is held and safeguarded, and why should the laity cede to any group of clerics in this day and age the right or ability to alter or change it? Further, why should any extra-liturgical belief requirement be held equal, ever, to intra-liturgical beliefs? If no reason exists, then which group of disjointed, dysfunctional clerical administrations deserve allegiance and obedience as if they were of divine origin? The laity rightly stoned bishops and lower clergy in the past for less than the nonsense we see now from these Junior Varsity types. Heck, many never had the chops to make even the 4th string or 4th chair in the youth clarinet section. Speak not, unless it is within the rite. Anaxios!!