Monday, September 08, 2008

Media Bias? What Media Bias?

When the New York Times(!) calls you out for leftward slanted news coverage you know the game is up.


Anonymous said...

Now it's FOX's turn to do the same with Bill O and Hannity.

In that decision NBC (intentionally or unintentionally) advance the virtue of tolerance.

I have NOT found real tolerance on NBC or FOX but I did find this jewel from:

"Since we cannot be perfect, and since virtue cannot be forced on people but is rather a habit of life they must themselves strive to acquire, we were enjoined to tolerate the shortcomings of others, even as we struggled with our own.


Ad Orientem said...

Bill O and Sean Hannity are not and have never been anchors at Fox. They have opinion oriented news programs. I don't agree with Keith Olbermann's politics. But his show "Countdown" has never made any claim to being a balanced news program. It's opinion oriented. I DO have issues with someone like Mr. Olbermann anchoring election night news coverage. He is a man who is clearly not able to divorce his own political biases from his reporting and commentary.

For the record there have been times where I think FOX has crossed the line too. But at least they did not put an ideologue in the anchor's chair on election night.