Tuesday, September 23, 2008

President Obama & Vice President Palin?

The nightmare scenario of more than a few is not beyond the realm of possibility.

President Obama, with Vice President Palin? President Biden? President Pelosi? Call them the "Doomsday" scenarios -- On Nov. 5, the presidential election winds up in a electoral-college tie, 269-269, the Democrat-controlled House picks Sen. Barack Obama as president, but the Senate, with former Democrat Joe Lieberman voting with Republicans, deadlocks at 50-50, so Vice President Dick Cheney steps in to break the tie to make Republican Sarah Palin his successor.

"Wow," said longtime presidential historian Stephen Hess. "Wow, that would be amazing, wouldn't it?"

"If this scenario ever happened, it would be like a scene from the movie 'Scream' for Democrats," said Democratic strategist Mary Anne Marsh. "The only thing worse for the Democrats than losing the White House, again, when it had the best chance to win in a generation, but to do so at the hands of Cheney and Lieberman. That would be cruel."

Sound impossible? It's not. There are at least a half-dozen plausible ways the election can end in a tie, and at least one very plausible possibility - giving each candidate the states in which they now lead in the polls, only New Hampshire - which went Republican in 2000 and Democratic in 2004, each time by just 1.5 percent - needs to swap to the Republican column to wind up with a 269-269 tie.

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Anonymous said...
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FrGregACCA said...

Interesting possibilities, and an election deadlock may even be somewhat probable, but in that case, I doubt that Lieberman would vote for Palin, since she was chosen instead of him.

Another scenario, which I think is fairly probable if McCain and Palin win: Palin is forced to resign and is replaced by Lieberman.

Matt said...

WOW! An electoral College tie would be so much fun!

The VP can't be forced to resign. The only way to remove one from office is by impeachment and conviction.