Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Episcopalians mourn "hero" abortionist

First put down your coffee and grab the trash basket before reading further. You have been warned.

Join the Boston community in sharing our grief and celebrating the life of Dr. George Tiller, a true hero for women across the country.

Monday, June 1st

St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral
138 Tremont St., Boston
Across from the Park St. T stop

Read the rest here if you have the stomach.


Vir Speluncae Orthodoxae said...

Mourning for a mass-murderer and not for all the babies he killed, this from a coven that rewards heresy and sin and punishes Orthodoxy. Surprised?

margi said...

I am stunned at discovering he was a churchgoer - how can you hack 'viable' human beings limb from limb and then show up to worship their creator? I realise now I must be horribly naive but I had always assumed these people would be atheists.

Nikolaus said...

I admit I was a bit surprised as well - and shocked that the purpetrator chose this commit violence in a church. But I also wonder about the man's pastor. Did he challenge Tiller with the Gospel? How did he feel about receiving blood money into the church accounts?