Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy 85th to former president G. H. W. Bush (the good one). He celebrated his birthday by skydiving (I am not kidding). Personally I have never seen the point in jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, but to each their own. I understand that the first time he did this it was not voluntary. His airplane had just been perforated with multiple holes courtesy of the Japanese and after parachuting into the pacific ocean he spent some time drifting around before a submarine rescued the future commander in chief.

By happy coincidence it is also my own birthday. I however have no plans that involve anything more adventurous than taking advantage of a fast free Friday.


Pete said...

Happy Birthday! And let me take this opportunity to say I thoroughly enjoy the blog. Hope you keep posting for Many Years.

Alex said...

Happy Birthday John! And yep - Bush Senior was pretty ok in my humble opinion.

The young fogey said...

Coincidentally I just blogged the skydiving story, having heard it on MSNBC. He's not one of my political heroes but unlike most of the lot today I like the man. An old-fashioned gentleman.

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Many Years, John!
Keep up the great blog.

AJG said...

Belated Happy Birthday John!

I pray you and your loved ones much blessings and happiness!

Yours in Christ,