Thursday, June 18, 2009

Royal Ascot

A Member of Parliament?

This one is for Bill... AKA The Godfather.

In Britain this week they are holding the annual Royal Ascot horse racing. The Queen and most of the Royal Family show up for this and it's one of the last society functions that is still a very dress up affair. Officially the uber formal dress code only applies to the guests in the royal enclosure, but by long standing tradition everyone gets into the act. Ladies vie for who can wear the most eye catching attire and the most outlandish hats. And yes the men still wear formal morning dress with toppers.

Some scenes here.
And some notable hats from "Ladies Day" here and here.


Michael said...

Oh, oh! Thank you so, so very much for that photograph. I was bent double with laughter.

Anonymous said...

Well, isn't that just ducky.

Speaking of the two lung theory....

Bill aka The Godfather

Reactionary said...

Nice .... hat.