Monday, October 24, 2011

Rick Perry’s birther Parade

If at first you don’t secede, try the birther movement.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who more than once has dipped his cowboy boot into the secessionist swamp, has found a new outlet for his fringe instincts. The Republican presidential candidate has revived questions about President Obama’s birth certificate.

The controversy pretty much died in the spring when Obama, hounded by “carnival barker” Donald Trump, released his long-form birth certificate confirming his birth in the United States and, therefore, his eligibility for the presidency. But Perry, in an interview in Sunday’s Parade magazine, showed that he marches to a different drummer:
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Anonymous said...

Much as I can't stand the placecard holder for the most powerful office...the whole birther thing is just shameful. Focus on something pertinent kids, there is plenty of material.


Michael said...

I have avoided weighing in on the "birther" issue for the same reason as I have stayed away from the "9/11 Truth" movement. In both cases, clinically certifiable lunatics have hijacked a perfectly legitimate issue and muddied up the waters with ludicrous claims.

My question about Obama is much more fundamental than "Was he actually born in the United States"? It is, "Is this man an actual human being at all, or just an automaton?"

Think about it! This man did nothing of substance at all before being elected President. Since then, he cannot so much as read to schoolchildren without a Teleprompter. ("Dubya" couldn't either, for whatever that is worth!).

Look at this man's actions in office. In what way does he differ from Clinton or Bush, except to advance the atrocities of both even further than before?

This "humanoid" is simply a sock-puppet and an automaton. The great Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung thought that Hitler had no human soul, and did not exist as a human being, but was a demonically possessed medium. I think our last three Presidents fall into exactly the same category.

The whole birth certificate business is a distraction. We need to focus on the central issue. Psychopaths, and their robotic, soul-emptied front men, are the real problem we face.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

You think our last three presidents were demoniacs? I never thought I would run into a statement that makes birthers look positively rational. But here we are. Lousy public speaking skills (which you are right that zero and 'W' both suffered from) do not constitute evidence of demonic possession. And for the record Hitler (bringing in his name into a discussion/debate is the fastest way to lose credibility for your point) was one of the great orators of the previous century.

I have little use for Obama's politics, or Bush's. But you lost me with the whole demon possessed thing. Seriously, let's try and keep one foot firmly planted in the real world. And yes that is to say that birtherism and 9-11 trutherism do not pose legitimate questions or issues.

Visibilium said...

You may say what you want about Trump, but I luxuriated in his forcing Obama's hand in producing the birth document.

Odysseus said...

Obama's mother was an American citizen. Therefore Obama is an American citizen. End of story.