Saturday, October 29, 2011

A tough day

Ever have one of those days that starts out very promising and ends with an urgent desire for something a little stronger than root beer?  I just did.  My parents are snowed in.  No. I am not kidding. My Godson is ill.  Yes the same one who was severely injured in a car wreck several months ago.  The illness is not serious, but it is very painful.  And my car landed in the shop after a very close call with possible disaster.  The starter got stuck and would not turn off, even when the key was removed from the ignition.  Not surprisingly it quickly fried and cooked a significant amount of electrical wiring in the process.  There was smoke poring from the engine when I opened the hood and rapidly disconnected the battery.  I and the mechanics fixing the mess think that another minute or two of power running into the melted wiring could have started an electrical fire that might have destroyed the car.

In the words of the late WC Fields "All in all, I'd rather be in Philadelphia."


Fr Theodore said...

I have had days like that!

Here's hoping that today was better; and praying for some relief to your godson's pain.

Alice C. Linsley said...


May the snow melt quickly. May the car repair not be too costly, and your godson recover soon. Remember, you are a child of the Most High and He loves you.