Wednesday, October 26, 2011

George Weigal on the situation in the Ukraine

Summary: The Ukrainian Greek Catholic (uniate) Church is the repository of Ukrainian nationalism trying to fend off Putin and his puppet Russian Orthodox Church from stamping out Ukraine's independence.  Read the article here if you are so inclined. 

Weigal's Russophobia and pronounced hostility to the Orthodox Church is becoming tiresome.  Speaking of which, Mr. Weigal now lays the blame for the suppression of the UGRCC on the Russian Orthodox Church co-equally with Stalin's secret police. As though the window dressing that was the above ground Russian Church could so much as take a bathroom break without Stalin's prior direction.  That said the Russian Church keeps handing ammunition to Weigal and others like him by their obstinate refusal to disavow the sham union of 1946-47.


NotFanariot said...

I would like to post this article that was forwarded to me by an Orthodox contact:

This is the 2006 declaration of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Moscow Patriarchate, which, on one hand, declares that it does not justify the methods used in 1946. On the other hand it spends most of its energy attacking the Unia of 1596 and accusing the Greek Catholics of ingratitude.

Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between?

Jason said...

As far as the Unia of 1596, the Catholic Church in Rome, as of know, is not stopping the UGCC from reuniting with Orthodoxy. In fact some in the Vatican would probably prefer that the UGCC break communion with Rome and reentered the Orthodox communion.

David said...

How does one just "break off" communion? Is the church a communion or the pillar and ground of truth. If they are in faith Roman Catholics even if they received the Eucharist in some union of outward appearance wouldn't that make them Roman Catholics in Sheeps clothing so to speak?