Tuesday, September 15, 2015

As Mets Rise, a City Starts to Change Its Pinstripes

Noticing more blue-and-orange caps and fewer navy pinstripes around New York these days? Hearing more talk about how the Mets keep finding ways to win?

It could be that the Yankees’ seemingly unshakable hold on the city’s baseball heart is loosening amid the sudden and stunning turnaround for the Mets.

Both teams may be headed for the postseason, so another test of popularity may be coming soon. And measuring the pulse of a fan base in a two-team baseball city is never simple, especially when one of them is the Yankees, with their 27 World Series championship and 20 retired numbers.

But some telling evidence points to trouble for the Yankees and a boon for the Mets, suggesting that New York might be turning into a Mets town for the first time since their championship season of 1986.

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