Saturday, September 12, 2015

Britain's Labour Party Elects Far Left Leader

LONDON — Jeremy Corbyn’s stunning transformation from perennial leftist rebel to leader of Britain’s Labour Party upended British politics on Saturday and delivered a striking message worldwide: At this anti-establishment moment, parties of the left are just as vulnerable to populist takeovers as parties of the right.

The Corbyn victory represented an extraordinary rebuke to Labour’s more centrist powers-that-be, especially to former prime minister Tony Blair, who had campaigned vigorously against Corbyn and who argued that his selection would mean the party’s “annihilation.”

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Mark Citadel said...

I am very happy with the result. It is in the interest of the Third Rome that Britain's nuclear deterrent be dismantled and that is precisely what this tool has pledged himself to. As Henry Dampier has said, this support is actually not ironic. I genuinely want to see this man in power. Always hope that your enemy elects a suicidal commander.

rabidgandhi said...

I have 0 faith in Corbyn, but watching the Blairites and the mainstream media clutch their collective pearls and head for the fainting couch has definitely been worth the price of admission.

One friend quipped "how can anything that humiliates Tony Blair not be good?"