Sunday, October 16, 2016

Chicago’s new cardinal embodies the Pope Francis idea of a bishop

Poor Chicago. You would think they have enough problems and that sooner or later they might catch a break. Apparently not.

Read the story here.


rick allen said...

I read the article and I don't exactly know what you think the problem is.

I know that some Catholic traditionalists are going absolutely crazy over Amoris Laetitia, as if it were the end of the Church as we know it. As far as I can tell, even if interpreted in the loosest way possible, it still leave the Catholic Church the strictest of all on divorce and remarriage.

(Please do correct me if I'm not correct. I know little about Orthodoxy, but are the divorced and remarried more rigorously excluded from communion in Orthodoxy than in Catholicism?)

Chris said...

The fact that the archbishop of Philadelphia, the Very Rev. Chaput, has been passed over signifies that the Pope is only interested in his "yes-men" to be in positions of authority, especially in the college of cardinals to ensure that only liberation theologians are elected as pope.

Greg Pavlik said...

Sounds more or less in line with American Orthodox Bishops. The horror!