Friday, October 21, 2016

The Latest Electoral Map

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For those who will be watching the elections returns, keep an eye on Georgia. This is a culturally and politically conservative state that in any normal election year would be a safe state for the GOP. While the odds still suggest it will fall into the Republican column, it is not a given. If Georgia turns into a surprise win for Clinton it could be an early indicator that Trump is not just going to lose (all but certain), but that he is gong to lose badly. It would mean a lot of Republicans are staying home or at least not supporting the top of the ticket. That could spell serious trouble down ticket and endanger the GOP's control of Congress.


lannes said...

GOP doesn't deserve to control anything.

Robert Paxton said...

Exactly. Nooses for the traitors on November 8. There is no longer any difference and the democrats might as well control everything since the GOP has done absolutely NOTHING to stop our cultural demise for the last few decades. It has become a party of Gay Old Palace eunuchs led by so-called men like Rubio and Goldman Sachs' bitch Ted Cruz.