Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Jennifer Rubin: It's time for sane Republicans to leave the GOP

Read it here.

I am pretty much done with the GOP. (For the record I haven't been a registered Republican since 2012.) Unfortunately there is not much out there that fits my own views. At one time I took a hard look at the Modern Whig Party, but they are too wishy washy on some important issues for my comfort. That, and any party with the word "Whig" in its name tends to trigger my gag reflex.

I guess the best that I can say is that it is looking like a good year to be a monarchist. Maybe I should just refuse to vote in the future as a matter of principle.


August said...

I just wrote about anti-intellectualism- not because of her. I don't hold out much hope for the GOP, but the 'sane' party is just- what, Republicans who watch PBS or NPR? Both parties cast out intellectuals who disagree with a very narrow line. Don't listen to Ron Paul, or his friends at Well a few years later you get Trump.

To the left they are both racist crazies. And a GOP that the 'sane' party was comfortable with has consistently pushed people out. It takes someone like Trump to jump over the barricades they had up for the little people.

Now, I have been looking for changes in the law. That would have real potential. Mitt Romney is partially responsible for all this- he and his ilk have already shown themselves to be blind. If they start a third party and inadvertently give us the chance to really alter American politics, great. But I am not looking to the 'sane' party for anything. They are like a bunch of recalcitrant sheep who've run off somewhere to be fleeced.

lannes said...

I once worked with an eager Republican "little people" who wasn't rich or famous. He tried to attend a GOP political function but was told to go home.
Illustrated to me why hoi polloi consider Republicans heartless snobs.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

I second August. We wanted Ron Paul. They offered up the ridiculous McCain, then that glib heretic Romney. The plan this year was the preposterous Jeb Bush. The system has deteriorated beyond any ability of libertarian principle to fix, so now you're getting Trump. Should have listened to us in 2008.

BTW, Trump is just the harbinger, buying us some political and cultural breathing space.