Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pope Francis Purges Congregation for Liturgy- installs liberals

In a stunning move, Pope Francis has replaced all of the members of the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship, the body in charge of liturgical questions.

It is routine for the Roman Pontiff to appoint a few new members to each Vatican congregation, rotating out members who have served for several years. But on October 28 the Vatican announced that Pope Francis has appointed 27 new members to the Congregation for Divine Worship, completely transforming the membership of that body.

The new appointments give a distinctly more liberal character—as well as a more international complexion—to the congregation. The changes seem likely to curtail the work of Cardinal Robert Sarah, the prefect of the Congregation, who has been a leading proponent of more reverent liturgy and of “the reform of the reform.”

Among the prominent new members of the congregation will be Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Secretary of State, Cardinal Beniamino Stella, the prefect of the Congregation for Clergy, and Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, the president of the Pontifical Council for Culture. Probably the most controversial new appointment is that of Archbishop Piero Marini, who clashed frequently with liturgical conservatives during the years when he served as master of ceremonies for papal liturgies under St. John Paul II. The only American prelate named to the congregation is Bishop Arthur Serratelli of Paterson, New Jersey, who chairs the US bishops’ committee on liturgy.

The more conservative prelates who have been removed from the congregation include Cardinals Raymond Burke, Angelo Scola, George Pell, Marc Ouellet, Angelo Bagnasco, and Malcolm Ranjith.



Chris said...

Two of those Cardinals ousted, George Pell and Marc Oullet were once considered to be possible successors to the Chair of St. Peter following Benedict XVI's resignation. Could this also be personal political payback? I think so.

Congratulations, RC. Your pope has basically ensured that you are doomed to crappy contemporary novus ordo liturgies for the rest of your years.

Chris said...

Your link goes to a completely different article about the abducted bishops in the MIddle East; Metropolitan Paul and Archbishop John.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

Thanks Chris. I fixed it.

Matthew M said...

Had not heard this. I new from the beginning this pope was a spawn of the evil one. Coming up next will be suppressing the Traditionalists like the FSSP and other Latin Mass groups and then the Anglican Ordinariate will be restricted into oblivion. All we Roman Catholics can do is pray for Divine Intervention.

Actually I came to this site to ask a question. Whatever happened to that movie about Saint Nicholas of Myra? Did it ever get finished? It's been how long now? I stopped reaching updates years ago so I just figured they gave up on it. Nearing the holiday season brought it to remembrance. Please advise and thank you.