Thursday, April 26, 2007

Deleting a link

Since I started A/O I have only removed links to web sites that were abandoned or in one case requested it. However this evening I am removing the link to Free Republic. FR has for a long time been a bastion of conservative thought. And at times some of the thoughts expressed there have pushed the envelope a bit. However over the course of the last couple of years I have been watching as FR has become more and more radical.

Some of the opinions posted over there are just off the scale in terms of wacky. Some are malicious and call for violence. Even on the usually relatively safe religious forum I have seen increasingly nasty attacks by religious bigots (almost always fundamentalist Protestants) against Catholics and Orthodox Christians. The language of political debate (which was always strident) has given way of late to invective. Reluctantly I can no longer endorse FR as a place for conservatives to go and engage in reasoned discourse with one another. I guess I just got tired of seeing the word "treason" tossed around in reference to anyone the author does not agree with. Where there is no longer room for principled disagreement, extremism becomes the norm.

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318@NICE said...

That's the thing with Protestants, their leaders were rebellious against the Church and so it is in their followers as well. They really don't hate Satan as much they hate the Church. They forget who the real enemy is.