Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why I like A-Rod

For those who know me, and the sentiments I normally harbor for the New York Yankees this confession may come as a something of a surprise. Yes, I have a soft spot for Alex Rodriguez aka A-Rod (or as my sister affectionately refers to him "Pay-Rod"). This year as he has gotten off to a red hot start (he has already tied the major league record for home runs in April), I find myself rooting for him despite the uniform. Why?

I think I have basically three reasons.

1. Anyone who has been booed by Yankee fans with a consistency and enthusiasm usually reserved for the Boston Red Sox instantly gets at least some feeling from me.

2. He is the anti-Bonds. Please see this excellent article by Mark Starr for a more detailed explanation. But yea if I like A-Rod, I really don't like Barry Bonds.

3. He is a convert to Orthodoxy. :-)

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Rich said...

A-Rod is Orthodox?!?!? Any idea how that happened? I wonder how he reconciles his faith with playing 3rd base for the Evil Empire.