Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ready or not here they come

Women bishops in the CofE with no provision of any kind for traditionalist Anglicans who are opposed to W/O. Perhaps they could at least shine a light on the exits.

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Hat tip to T-19

For those who have had enough it's fast becoming decision time. Can you or can you not remain in an overtly heretical body? If not then the question is not whether to leave but rather where to go? If one is of a Protestant disposition and simply looking for a church, there are many. Pick one.

If one is of a catholic mindset, by which we mean you are seeking The Church, not a church, then logically your choices boil down to Rome or Orthodoxy. The ACNA is not a safe harbor. They ordain women and will one day consecrate female bishops. The rest of the so called Continuum is so fragmented into tiny sects that are mostly not even in communion with one another that they can not make any plausible claim to being a part of the church catholic.

This returns us to Rome or Orthodoxy. I can respect either decision provided it's made with an appropriate degree of discernment including prayer and study of the major differences. But again the clock has run down on the Anglican Communion. As one of its own bishops said recently "the Anglican experiment is over."


The Archer of the Forest said...

Sadly, I think you may be right. My hope grows a tad dimmer every day, but it hasn't been extinguished just yet.

Fr. Robert Hart said...

The rest of the so called Continuum is so fragmented into tiny sects that are mostly not even in communion with one another.

That caricature is commonly believed only because it is so often repeated. But, the combined ACC/ACPK/UECNA, with the ACC as a worldwide church body, is the reality that defies the caricature. In short, your remark is not true.

Alice C. Linsley said...

The Continuum has been the hope of many Anglicans but often re not an option when it comes to having a place to worship. There aren't many congregations within driving distance.

Anglican evangelicals will be strong in many ways, but catholicism isn't one of them. True catholics have to make a choice: relocate to where they may worship with an Anglican congregation in the Continuum, go to Rome, or come home to Orthodoxy.