Monday, June 27, 2011

Cardinal Policarpo: 'No fundamental obstacle to the ordination of women'

Read the story at Rorate Caeli.


Alice C. Linsley said...

Soon to read "the former Cardinal Policarpo..."

My guess is that he's either ignorant, a heretic, seeking media attention, or he's homosexual.

Chris Jones said...

Or, quite possibly, all of the above.

Owen White said...

Policarpo reached the retirement age for bishops in February. At 75 they have to offer their resignation. It can take many months for Rome to make a decision in regard to an elderly bishop's future.

This could be a parting shot by Policarpo. He was considered papabile by a few in the last election. Perhaps he is a bit miffed.

Chris Jones said...

According to the linked article, the Pope has declined Cdl Policarpo's resignation and asked him to stay on for two years.

Maybe it takes two years to find a Portuguese speaking priest who is orthodox enough to become bishop.

Owen White said...


Ha! I guess our Lady of Fatima had it wrong then about Portugal always remaining faithful to the true dogma.

Anonymous said...

Right. Just like there is no fundamental obstacle to people's faith when the Mass is turned into something that's "all about us."