Thursday, June 16, 2011

First Ever 'Atlas of American Orthodox Christian Churches' is Published

The first ever "Atlas of American Orthodox Christian Churches" is published by the Holy Cross Orthodox Press. For detailed information about the Atlas and to look at sample chapters and pages, go to

The Atlas ($ 19.95) is available on or directly from publisher (, 800-245-0599).

What is this Book about?
The Atlas provides a detailed overview of all Orthodox Christian Churches in the United States: both Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches. It is addressed for the wide - Orthodox and non-Orthodox, academic and non-academic - audiences. Simultaneously, this book is an atlas, a reference book and a thematic monograph. It is an atlas because it contains numerous maps to show the historical development and present patterns of Orthodox Church life in America. It is a thematic monograph because the essays in this book tell the story of the Orthodox Christian past and present in the United States. It is a reference book because it furnishes comprehensive information and statistical data on all American Orthodox Christian Churches.
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Dr. Adam DeVille said...

I noted the book here (, and just received my gratis review copy from the publisher. It already looks to be a splendid volume, enormously useful, and I will have a full review of it up soon.