Memory Eternal!

Memory Eternal!
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On this date...

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In 1893 HMS Victoria, the flagship of the British Mediterranean Fleet, was rammed and sunk by HMS Camperdown during fleet exercises.  The accident claimed the lives of 358 men including the fleet commander Sir George Tryon who was later blamed for the disaster.  The loss of the Victoria stunned Victorian Britain and remains the worst peacetime catastrophe in modern Royal Navy history.

In 1941 Nazi Germany invaded the USSR inaugurating on of the bloodiest wars in history.  Most historians agree that this was a fatal error on the part of Adolf Hitler which resulted in Germany losing the Second World War.

In 2009 the Eastman Kodak company announced it was ending its production of Kodachrome color film, ending its 74 year run as a photography icon.


Matthew M said...

Totally off subject................
coming up on the second anniversary since the last post by Ben Johnson over at 07/26/2009.

Does anyone know what became of him? Why the sudden stop in posts. I really liked this blog. Most of the links on the left are now inactive I think so anyone know anything? Hope he's alright.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

I haven't heard anything which is sad. I also enjoyed his blog. But it had been dying a rather slow death for sometime before it finally went dark.

Matthew M said...

Thanks, John.
Ben if you are out there, check in and let us know what you are up to, O.K.?
You don't write, you don't call, you don't send flowers.......
You didn't even say, 'Good Bye, So Long and Thanks for All the Comments'!

Anonymous said...

John, Can't blow it up enough to read the green. ?? Bill,tGf