Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fla. Man Dies Days After Dogs Tore Off His Arm

A north Florida man who whose arm was torn off in a dog attack has died.

Officials say 74-year-old Roy McSweeney died Wednesday afternoon in a Gainesville Hospital.

Jennifer Biewend, his family's attorney, says McSweeney suffered brain damage from severe blood loss when the dogs tore off one arm and partially removed the other. The dogs -- either pit bulls or pit mixes -- also attacked the man's face. The attack occurred June 10 as the man was doing yard work.

Investigators found that the dogs broke loose from the yard of McSweeney's next-door neighbor, Deanna Blitch. The dogs were taken by officials and euthanized. No charges have been filed, but an investigation continues.


Matushka Anna said...

And now the countdown until someone says how pit bulls are misunderstood and maligned animals.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

Bull cookies. Pit bulls are dangerous animals and they should not be allowed in residential areas.

Teena Blackburn said...

I'll bite Anna. They can be dangerous, but it's a bit much to damn the whole breed. Having said that, they should generally not be around children. How they are bred and trained also matters a great deal. They were bred by humans to have extremely powerful jaws. Anyone who is around dogs on a regular basis knows they fight with each other, will attack one another and commonly bite each other on the face. Therefore, some breeds, depending on size and strength, are probably not a good idea in a lot of circumstances. Having said all that, I like the breed generally.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

I am not going to argue for culling the entire breed. But numbers don't lie. They are responsible for more serious dog attacks than ALL OTHER BREEDS COMBINED. They should be treated as a wild and potentially dangerous animal. Anyone who wants to have one should be required to get a special license and carry a heavy duty insurance policy. And they absolutely should not be allowed in residential neighborhoods.

Jon Marc said...

I'll say it - "damn the whole breed!" :-)