Saturday, October 01, 2011

Mexico City considers 2-year marriage licence

Lawmakers in Mexico City are proposing a new marriage licence that would allow couples to split after a two-year trial rather than go through the lengthier divorce process.

Instead of the traditional 'till death to us part,' couples would be able to opt for temporary commitments, test out married life, and then renew their licenses indefinitely if they are still devoted to their chosen spouse.

The proposed law would not help those with morning-after regrets. Couples who want to dissolve the marriage before two years would have to go through regular divorce proceedings.

"Two years is the minimum amount of time it takes to know and appreciate what life is like as a couple," Lizbeth Rosas, who is spearheading the proposed legislation on behalf of the Party of the Democratic Revolution, said to BBC Mundo in Spanish.

"If you renew, that means you have an understanding with your partner, and that you are clear on the rules of the relationship."

If the marriage is unhappy or unstable, the contract — which would include clauses on custody rights and the division of property — could be dissolved without what proponents refer to as cumbersome paperwork that hurts families.
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Eurasleep said...

The next logical step is what they do in Iran: temporary marriage, as in 24 hours/48 hours/72 hours. Young Iranians do this as a way to get around the premarital fornication prohibition in Islam.