Monday, December 19, 2011

Second Poll Says Ron Paul Is Leading In Iowa

The Inside Advantage Poll conducted yesterday and released today has Ron Paul in first place in Iowa with 24%, Romney is in second with 18% and Gingrich is in third with 13%.  Two quick observations.  First Gingrich's support is collapsing.  And secondly in this poll Paul has a 6 point lead which is outside the margin of error.

See here for the poll details.


Jason said...

I'll posit that Newt never even had a lead to begin with. It was all hype.

Focus on Perry/Romney to start with. Perry fades while Cain surges. Cain fades. Whose next? Newt, because Bachmann and Santorum are non-starters. Who's waiting in the wings the whole time, polling well but never talked about due to ginned up controversy between other candidates? Whose platform resonates the most with midwestern voters in Iowa? The man that suddenly has a 4% - 6% lead in the polls, Ron Paul.

Political theatre.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, mainstream media is not bringing this up. No mention in the wires.