Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trailer for The Hobbit is out

I don't hit a lot of movies but this one is on my "must see" list.


Matthew M said...

I watched it 6 times last night. Finally something worthwhile to look forward to next Christmas!

Ben said...

Between this and Dark Night Rising this is bound to be a wonderful year for movies (Finally!)

Unfortunately, with an infant at home, I'm not sure how many of them I'll be able to see this year, though I will surely find a babysitter for these two!

peggy38 said...

The Hobbit is the first of Tolkien's books that I read. I first read it back in the 5th grade, which is now a looong time ago. The trailer feels like coming home.

Matthew M, I feel the same way. I can just watch it over and over. It bodes very well for the movies.

Anonymous said...

Having been burned by the LotR trilogy, I'm trying not to get my hopes up. I'm afraid that The Hobbit will be more of the same: awesome cinematics, near-perfect casting, but significant plot concepts and arcs not so much excised as rewritten.

Would like nothing better than to be proved wrong.

DNY said...

Well from the trailer, it looks like Jackson is adding material from Tolkien's "history", contextualizing Bilbo's "There and Back Again" journey in the run up to the War of the Ring (the White Council driving Sauron from southern Mirkwood, the point of the attack on Smaug being to deprive Sauron of a potential ally, and the like). Otherwise, what's Galadriel doing in the trailer?

At least I hope that's what he's doing. If so, I rather sympathize, since for those who came to the tale through the movies, The Hobbit is coming out as a "prequel", and the viewer knows there's more to Bilbo's finding of The Ring, than the reader of The Hobbit would when it was first published.