Monday, March 04, 2013

Joyce Carol Oates depicts 'highly bigoted' Woodrow Wilson in new novel

Acclaimed author Joyce Carol Oates explains why she has portrayed former US President Woodrow Wilson as 'highly bigoted and contemptuous of women’s suffrage' in her upcoming novel The Accursed.
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For my take on Wilson see here.

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Jason said...

Not a fan of Wilson but don't want to beat a dead horse.

After reading your presidential rankings, wanted to comment that Andrew Jackson is on the $20 bill simply for mockery. That is, he was the last president to successfully defeat the efforts to establish a Central Bank in this country. Our 3rd Central Bank, the Fed, disrespects this legacy by putting his face on a highly used piece of currency. I can't help but think that a similar type of spirit is behind putting another Central Bank opponent, Jefferson, on the non-sensical $2 bill.