Friday, March 22, 2013

Memory Eternal

It is with sadness that I learned of the recent passing of Frank Thornton, better known to millions of fans as Capt. Peacock from the British television comedy series "Are you being served?" One of the last surviving members of the cast he reposed Saturday at the age of 92.


Matushka Anna said...

Memory eternal! (love that show...)

Fr. Theodore Phillips said...

May he rest in peace. He was one of a brilliant cast in a classy series.

Alice Linsley said...

God grant him rest.

It was fun to watch that series. A great cast! No good comedies these days.

Yohannes Gebre Selassie said...

My prayer is that he had Faith in The Saviour; May he rest in peace. I so enjoyed his role in "Are You Being Served" original and then in "Are You Being Served Again" I think.

Fr. Yousuf said...

And for the least time, a summons, inexorably given by the gaurdian angel:

"Captain Peacock, are you free?"

Requiescat in Pace.