Thursday, March 21, 2013

Oooops - Innocent Man Freed After 23 Years in Prison

A man who spent more than two decades behind bars for the cold-blooded slaying of a Brooklyn rabbi was released Thursday into the arms of his weeping relatives after a reinvestigation by prosecutors cast serious doubt on evidence used to convict him.

"Sir, you are free to go," a judge told a smiling, white-haired David Ranta moments after prosecutors announced they supported tossing out the 1991 conviction.

Ranta's pregnant daughter — a 2-year-old when he was jailed — sisters and other supporters burst into applause and swarmed him as he walked out of the courtroom. His parents had died while he was in prison.
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Yep. We definitely need to bring back the electric chair.


mjl said...

It distrubs me that this happens in America. On top of it, even if one is a hardened Conservative, it's easy to see that if a wrong person is convicted then there is still a murderer free.

Anonymous said...

The US is a cesspit of bad justice. If it were me, I rape the wife of the person in the legal system who put me in jail Then we will see justice being done. Double jeopardy.