Monday, April 08, 2013

Remembering the Iron Lady

An amusing story, possibly apocryphal but it's making the rounds...

Prime Minister Thatcher back in the 80's was invited by the leaders of the opposition (the Labor Party) to dine with with them. She showed up at the restaurant and took her seat with the members of the so called shadow cabinet. Drinks were served and as she sipped, she also listened quietly as the lefties berated her for her cruel and backward economic policies.

In due course the waiter appeared and asked Thatcher what she wanted for dinner...

"I shall have the roast beef" she replied.
 "Very good maam. And for the vegetables?"
"They shall have the roast beef as well."


Fr Mark Drew said...

Actually, this was a sketch in the UK political puppet show "Spitting Image" from the '80s, and the fellow diners were not the Shadow Cabinet but her actual cabinet. The point being made concerned her notoriously uncollegial style and contemptuous attitude.

Rubricarius said...

Indeed, esteemed Fr. of the folded chasubles twenty-odd years ago at Blackfriars.

Let us hope, and pray, that Lady Thatcher is now in a happy and blessed place where she may appreciate the wisdom of collegiality. Let us pray too that the RCC learns the same lesson too!