Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why the Gosnell trial is important

Caution: These stories deal with allegations and sometimes graphic descriptions of exceptionally horrific crimes.
In what can only be described as a “house of horrors,” abortion provider Kermit Gosnell stands trial in Philadelphia, charged with the grotesque murder of at least seven infants, allegedly born alive after botched abortions only to be brutally killed moments later.

As this nearly month-long trial continues, it paints the stark and unmistakably abhorrent reality of abortion. While the national mainstream media has been all but silent about this trial, the headlines coming from local media coverage have been morbidly graphic. Babies born alive and then allegedly killed in truly barbaric ways.
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See also this related story about the media's deafening silence.
P.S.: See also this excellent story from The Atlantic.
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Matushka Anna said...

Life Site News has had full coverage of the trial and various other related things (including the media black-out). That's where I've been keeping up with it.

Anonymous said...

Please read this before believing the tripe about a media cover-up. This charge is, typically, erroneous and does not add anything.

( One really needs to do research before making accusations especially if false)

Odysseus said...

There is no Gosnell cover-up!

Now stop talking about it!

Anonymous said...

For some comments, ( not, perhaps, what some on this blog would like),

Perhaps there can be a real, deep, converstation about all this but not when things get exaggerrated.

Matushka Anna said...

Anonymous (and really, to lend credibility to your claims you should really post your name), I don't read tabloids.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

Nothing you have posted nor anything in the links, in any way refutes the charge that the MSM has been largely silent on the subject of the trial. I read a lot of feminist links basically saying that the problem wasn't Dr. Mengele but that we need more Mengeles. No references or links to MSM coverage that would refute the charge.

Now one can debate their motives I suppose. But that there has been little and in most major news networks, zero coverage, is not debatable.

And yes I do smell liberal bias all over this.

Stephen said...

Nothing new here. The Democratic Party for years openly sought to eradicate blacks, and now only does it on the QT through its minions such as Planned Parenthood. Or do you think it is just coincidence that blacks are doing worse in Democrat controlled cities, and that over half of abortions are performed on minorities?

Anonymous said...

I am anonymous: I will ignore, I will change the subject, I will remain cowardly.